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Connecting Dots

Your Partner in XR Success.

FILTER out noise. BUILD confident strategies. DEVELOP your future. amazing ability to foresee and correct design issues before we even move into production. We wouldn't consider anyone else."

- A.J. DeFlaminis - CG Supervisor, LeaderBoard

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Your full XR design & development partner.

Business leaders face uncountable challenges in extended reality (XR) and the Metaverse. There's no single vision for how new technologies will shape our lives, but industries race ahead at full speed.

That's where we come in. 

We're your partners in XR/interactive/Metaverse experience design, development, and implementation. We work with you to develop practical strategies that work now but prepare you for uncertain futures. 

We'll lead the design and development process, working with your internal or external teams and resources - executives, engineers, sales, outside partners, and any other stakeholders in your projects. And we'll build the internal know-how to maintain and expand on your solution in the years to come.

Our experience ranges widely across industrial training, digital twin production, financial services, education, cybersecurity, game development, and more. 

Reach out today to discuss how we can help you form and achieve goals in fast-growing technology spaces.

Our Services

Our services span the complete lifecycle of XR and other interactive digital solutions. We're ready to be your partner, every step of the way.

Connecting Dots


We consult with your team from the earliest stages to help you understand opportunities and challenges in the XR, Metaverse, and interactive experience spaces. No project is too big or too small.

  • ​Executive Education & Strategy Development

  • State of the Industry Competitive Intelligence

  • Project Management Coordination or Support

  • 3rd-Party Vendor or Partner Management

  • Team/Stakeholder Training Programs

  • Workshops or Retreats


Our full-service design process ensures that your digital solutions are prepared to be effective, meaningful, and robust.

  • End-to-end product design, or collaboration with your product teams

  • Product purpose and goals (i.e. sales demos, training simulations, digital twin, etc.)

  • Functional environment and use cases, stakeholder interviews, architecture

  • Review of digital solution integration into broader workflow and strategy

A key part of our design programs are that we help you think about the new possibilities that may be opened to you through your project. For example: new data, new opportunities, and new avenues your team can explore.


We work closely with your teams to ensure that solutions are fully integrated into your existing technology stack, with a strong focus on key areas including:


  • cybersecurity

  • risk oversight

  • future tech stack considerations


Unity 3D, Spark AR, Unreal Engine and other industry-leading packages bring your 2D/3D interactive experiences to life.

Our specialties include:

  • sales or internal demos

  • digital twins

  • corporate presentation

  • conference displays and experiences

  • retail applications and activations

  • heavy industry applications

  • training simulations

  • and more


A sample of our past work. For more examples or industry-specific content, drop us a line at

Connecting Dots

BP: Isolation Simulation

We provided development services to our trusted partner Leaderboard to create an interactive 3D isolation simulation. Workers could assess their knowledge and readiness in a simulated environment, facing real-world outcomes without the risk of harm to themselves, equipment, or the environment.

The simulation included real-world product flow and cutoff behavior; as well as dirt, weathering, and weld-o-let markings to provide the experience of an on-the-job environment.

The final product includes diagnostic and saved data capabilities, and could be deployed in the field to business-class laptops.

Connecting Dots

BP: Artificial Lift (AR)

We provided development to our partner Leaderboard as they  worked to produce webGL experiences that allow workers to perform rapid identification of, and response to, real-world drilling pump problems. 

Connecting Dots

BG Experience

We supported Object Theory's development and launch of their client's BG Experience™, which uses augmented reality (AR) to demonstrate how BG's unique preventative maintenance solutions address challenges in modern engines.

Connecting Dots

Lock Out Tag Out

We provided development to our partner Leaderboard as they  worked to produce 3D game web-based technology that demonstrated Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) experiences (with success/failure) with accompanying employee verification procedures, step-by-step instructions, and real-time performance assessments.


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